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About Us

Our Professional Experience and Training

  • Eastern Florida Certified & Licensed. #HI10336
  • Examination Board of Professional Home Inspectors National Home Inspectors Examination- ID No 9292015566
  • ASHI/American Society of Home Inspectors Standards and Ethics- ID No. 9292015566
  • NACHI/National Association of Certified Home Inspectors- ID No. NACH103030407
  • Over 30 years of construction background.

Why Choose Security Home Inspectors?

There are many qualified home inspection companies South-Eastern Florida. Inspectors are trained to examine the heating and cooling systems, roof, chimney, electrical system, foundation, basement and/or crawlspace, ventilation, water intrusion, siding, exhaust, drainage and many others. What makes one different from another? Besides our money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the thoroughness of our inspection.

REMEMBER: The inspector is working for you. Please feel free to ask questions.

We use state-of-the-art equipment including Carbon Monoxide detectors, gas leak detectors, moisture meters, laser temperature gauges. We use the best on-site reporting system to provide you with the most complete home inspection available.

Florida: (561) 421-7272

Members of the National Associations of Certified Home Inspectors
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